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What date were you married?

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What date, if any, did you separate from your spouse?

approximating this date is fine with us!  In Texas, you do not have to have separated already to get divorced, so don't worry if you still live together.
In what Texas County are you filing for Divorce?

It must be a place where you or your spouse have lived for the last 6 months. 

If you are in the military, you may not need to live in Texas now, to get divorced here.  Email Megan at lawyer@partasfriends.com to figure out where to file your case.
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Do you have any children that are under 18 with your spouse?

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What are the names AND birthdays of all of your children?

Only fill this in if you have children under 18 years of age, that were born during the marriage.   INCLUDE children that you had during the marriage, even if they are not your spouse's child.  Do not include children born with someone else prior to marriage.  Not sure?  Call Megan-- (210) 271-2800.

You can skip this question, but please do tell us how many children you have and their ages below, even if you do not list their names.
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How many pieces of real estate do either you or your spouse have (Whether together or separate)?

(this includes each home or piece of land that either or both parties own)
How many retirement plans do the parties need to divide as a part of this divorce?

If the spouse's are simply keeping their own retirement accounts, the answer is 0.  If a pension, 401K, military retirement, or any other retirement benefit is to be split, list the number of those retirement accounts in the marital estate (owned by either party)
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Based on your answers, we do not recommend that you hire a lawyer for an uncontested divorce.  You may need services that are not covered in an agreed divorce case.